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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

This is my schedule for the day


I get up at 4:30 AM

Morning set-up schedule:

•4.30 – 6.00: Check Alerts & Review/Update Daily Charts, Supply & Demand Levels & Moving Averages (Review Core Markets if Time)
•6.00-7.00: Shave, Exercise.
•7.00: Prayers
•7.10: Pre Market Routine to get in the right state of Mind & Zone
•7.15: Check News for the Day that will move the Markets
7.15 – 9.15: Set up Trends, Levels and Trades on Core Markets & Trend Trade, Check Mastery Levels and Pro-Picks for additional Trading Opportunities (FOCUS on GOLDEN TRADES)
•9.20: Watch Pre-Market & Review Pre Market Dashboard
9.30: Ready to Trade
•9.30-11.00: Nothing else but FOCUS on Trading
Market Open:

9:30: Market open, be ready for the stock trades, gap fills etc. they often happen right at the bell

10:00: Review any new impact and 10.00 am market reversal

10:15: Check any pro pick updates

10:30: Look for any chart patterns that have developed that are in my trade plan

Rest of the day keep an eye on price action and trends on markets with momentum and new pro picks

Note: Every single trade zone and supply and demand level I set an alert so either on my pc or phone by text I get alerted that one of my trade set ups has been triggered so trades can come up any time during the day

11:00: (From 11.00am onwards when most of the trends and trades are set for the day I start to work on my other business’s and actions for the day keep an eye on open trades and alerts for new trade opportunities.)

Lunch time: I normally work through lunch keeping an eye on the market and check and maintain my Trend Trade Option Positions, Sunday I set up the Trend Trades, Monday I execute, there can be action on the Trend Trade options any time in the day

1:30 PM: Keep any eye open for the after lunch move

3:00 PM: Look for a move when the professional close the market between 3.00 and 4.00pm

4:00 PM: Finished for the day, record trades and write up trade log and record performance for the day

I follow the same schedule every day, it is important to be consistent

So really spend 5-6 hours a day focused on trading, however the great thing about this career is that if you don’t want to trade or you have something else to do you can as you are the only person in the company and sometimes you need a break or to just do something else. I have found consistency is important as you get a better feel for what is going on in the market day to day.