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Trade Log

The trade log is a critical instrument that allows you to track measure and therefore give you feedback on your performance. Like the trade plan it will develop over time to something that you can easily fill in and review at the end of each month. I actually keep my daily log in a spreadsheet and a more personal handwritten log in a notebook.

My daily trade log as three sections:

  • Each trade I make with the date, asset traded, type of trade, win, break even or loss and any notes on execution, I normally do this as I trade on an A4 sheet and then update the log at the end of the day. I use this section to measure my win rate and the type of trades that are working for me (and those that are not).
  • At the end of the day a roll all the trades into summary of the day, how I felt, errors I made, learning’s from the day and over day trading and swing trading profit. I looked at this section on a quarterly basis so see how I have done for Q1 for example. I score the day in terms of dollars made and internal performance as follows:




$2k+ Profit


Awesome: Traded Well :-)


$1k+ Profit


Dumb Errors (2+) Executing the Trade Plan




Did NOT Execute The Trade Plan & TPR’s




Did NOT follow The Plan and Made Errors


This way I can grade my performance over time and my wife asks and I say B/E she understands how the day has gone, made over $1000 but with execution errors so should have done better

  • Finally I have a section with overall financial performance, how my accounts have moved over the month and I have target for each account and an overall target for each month. I also record any draws or deposits to the accounts here so that I can tack my actual overall financial performance and also how much I am drawing each month for living expenses etc.

In addition to the trade log I have a personal not log where I write personal thoughts on my performance at key times when I have something key to record and at the end of each month with a review of my performance for the month and what I need to do better going forward.

At the end of the day logs are very personal so you need to do what works best for you and you will work this out over time.