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After reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that was recommended to me as I started learning to trade, this is what I wrote back in 2011 at the start of my journey. Nothing has really changed, this is why I became a trader and when things are not going well this is what I remind myself are the core reasons I became a trader and I have now built this into my core tools and trading mantras.

Why I am going to become a great trader?  Financial security for my Family BUT with an improved overall life style and quality of life that will allow me to spend more time with my family, my wife, my son and my two daughters, as well as be more healthy and exercise daily. It is also important to find time to make a difference in the world for others through volunteer and charity work as part of my job as a Christian. I would also like to find time for my other interests such as dates with my wife; travel, fishing, golf etc., and finding time for an afternoon nap would be good as well  (PS I still don’t have time for fishing, golf or a nap as I am working harder than ever to make the trading business and the medical business a success,  however, I do get to exercise every day, pick my kids from school and do not have to get on a plane on a Sunday evening, all in all this will probably add another 10 years to my life so at the end of the day, really worth it)