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So when I started trading I used to focus on the news, the reality you will learn over time is that the news doesn’t really matter, you cannot really trade the news, by the time it happens and you hear about it the market has already moved. Now you need to be aware of the news that may move the market in terms of economic, the government, earnings etc. but it is pretty hard to trade. What I have found is that news moves the market to certain price points of supply and demand and that is the best to view the news, as a market mover the creates trading opportunities rather than a trading opportunity.

Remember all the information available as any time is reflected in the price chart

While you are getting going most of the key news is free from sites such as Bloomberg, Reuters and the Forex Factory which is one of the best free sites for market moving news schedules.

As you become more experienced there are some good chargeable services that pull everything together and cover everything that might impact the market, I use Trade the News which has a streaming audio service that can really make sure that you do not miss something important while you are trading during the day, I have it streaming from when I start setting up my chart until I stop trading at the end of the day.