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Steps Right Direction

If you feel you are missing something in your life feel like something is missing and you feel a bit empty and want to start along the road to a fuller more complete life, perhaps change your life for the better, work to help others, just learning more about being a Christian, or you would like to come back to the church and get connected to God again but are not sure how ; come to Free Chapel and hear Pastor Jentezen Franklin speak or go along to your local church and find a church you like, everybody is different. I like the lively upbeat Free Chapel Service with a great message, sometimes one that you do NOT want to hear. If you are not local why not stream into a live service on Sunday 9.00am EST or 11.00am EST and a first step to moving your life forward, there really is now downside but you will be really surprised what a difference it will make, it did for me.

The key, as Tony Robin’s points out, you can achieve anything you want, it doesn’t matter what sort of position you are in today, you just need to start taking small steps toward you goals or a better life, whatever you want to achieve.

Here is the web site, take a look

Here is the site for live streaming of services every Sunday

Of you want to start to make a differ in the world, please to the Giving Online Section the church really support a great set of programs but local and international aimed at making people lives better