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Markets to Trade

What I Mostly Trade & Follow Every Day

Futures Index’s

S&P 500  (ES)




Futures Currency       

US Dollar  (DX)

Euro    (6E)

Australian Dollar  (6A)

Japanese Yen  (6J)

Canadian Dollar  (6C)

Swiss Franc   (6S)

New Zealand Dollar   (6N)

British Pound   (6B)

Futures Other

Gold   (GC)

Oil   (CL)

10 Year Gov. Treasury  (ZN)

30 Year Gov. Treasury  (ZB)

Copper    (HG)

Natural Gas   (NG)

Stock ETF’s     

S&P 500  (SPY)

Nasdaq    (QQQ)

Russell     (IWM)

International  (EFA)

High Interest Bonds  (HYG)

Oil  (USO)

Gold  (GLD)

Government Treasuries   (TLT)

Note: Symbols for futures contracts differ slight from platform to platform; these are from TD Ameritrade/Think or Swim