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I am a Great Trader it’s inside me now

I make my: Daily Profit Target

By Trading only: Golden Trades

Trading: The Trend, Supply & Demand

With: Focus, Courage & Commitment 


I use this Mantra every day, it’s on my mirror when I shave and above my desk where I trade

I got the technique from Tony Robbins the great personal motivator and life coach who I have followed for many years. As far back as 30 years ago when I was a sales guys with IBM, to when he convinced me to walk on hot coals at a sales conference to more recently when I bought his latest material and now use his “hour of power” every day, it a mixture of exercise, clearing your mind, being thankful for all the good things in your life but also focusing a good mental attitude to achieve everything you want going forward. If you struggle with motivation and belief or are fearful of making such a massive change in your life I totally recommend checking out his material of programs, it really has helped me throughout my adult life.

Golden Trades: Trade that have the set up I love and that are in my Trade Plan

Trend, Supply & Demand: This is my personal philosophy and the way I was taught to trade at OTA

Focus, Courage & Commitment: This is about just focusing on trading and nothing else, have the courage to make the trades in the plan and following through and honoring and executing the Trade Plan