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Being a Christian

April 2007 I started a personal log and made a note to myself as follows:

You only have one life, make the most of every day, be the best you can and enjoy your life, it’s the only one you are getting and it is going to be over much too quickly, as the song says live every day as if you were dying.

So that is how this journey started.

I have been going to church most of my life on and off but never really committed myself to God.

Back in 2007, I started to going to church on a regular basis and getting involved in church activities.

May 2008 I accepted God as my leader at Calvary Church in La Gatos CA with Pastor Bob Thomson and from that day everything changed for me.

All my life I have been searching for my partner, fulfillment and the life I should have been leading. I kid you not, one of my prayers was to meet my partner and the love of my life as I have always had an empty space in my heart and my life.

I met my wife on a Disney Cruise with our daughters and we had an awesome time together, I never thought I would see here again as she lived in Miami and I lived in California, roughly 5000 miles.

We kept in contact but she would not go on a date with me but offered me an invitation to go to dinner, 5000 miles for an invitation!

I had a lot going on in California and was not going to go, however I was sitting in church on Sunday and I swear to you, I heard God speak to me as clear as day and said “ go to Miami, it will all work out”, I can hear his message as clear as it was yesterday. So I flew 5000 miles for an “invitation” and the rest is history, we were going to be together for ever, distance did not matter, we would work it out.

We got married in April 2009 and had the most wonderful wedding and honeymoon (Disney with the whole family and Italy; Rome, Venice and Florence) Benny was born January 7th 2010 so you can do the math, Benny Street made in Rome!

God and my wife Veronica filled that hole in my life and heart and now with our kids,  I have never in my life felt so complete, fulfilled and content.

So if you feel like this, find a great church with a great pastor and preacher that you like and start talking and listening to God, your life will change for the better.

If you are busy or on the road or not sure just log in and listen to Pastor Jentezen at Free Chapel as a starting point

My daughter had project for school to come up with some biblical words of wisdom, so here are the five points that I came up with:

Biblical Words of Wisdom that I produced for one of my daughter school projects:

  1. Footprints: When times are tough there are only on pair of foot prints in the sand not because the lord has deserted us but he has carried us during the tough times.
  2. God has a plan for us all but we need to take time to be quiet and listen so that we might hear what he has planned for us.
  3. Ask not what the lord can do for us, but ask the lord what we can do for him each and every day.
  4. To be close to god you need have quiet time every day to be in his presence to talk to and listen to him.
  5. A girl was throwing starfish into the sea after the storm, and was told, you cannot save them all. Her response was no,  but I can save this one, that one and that one; you may not be able to change the world and make it better in one big step but lots of small steps of charity and kindness together from many people can make the world a better place, each good deed or action that you do as a Christian helps the world, however small it might seem at the time!

My Church Free Chapel

Charity and Giving

This is an area I would like to do a lot more of over time but in summary I make the following charitable contributions as part of my responsibilities as a Christian:

Church Tithe every week

Church special projects such, Amazon Mission & Haiti Mission

World-vision where I sponsor two kids for a better life

St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Salvation Army

American War Veterans


This is my family

Best Family Xmas.jpg